Self-Directed Language Learners


Think about these questions:
  • Do you review what you have learned regularly?
  • Do you practise what you learn as much as possible?
  • Do you make use of what you know about your own language to help you?
  • Do you try out what you know in real-life situations when you can?
  • Do you try to learn from other people - not only your teacher?
  • Do you experiment with English?
  • Do you take risks while using English?

This wiki will give you ideas of how to practise English within your Personal Learning Environment (PLE).


  • This wiki is a work in progress. We encourage you to add or edit activities and resources.
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  • Members can click Edit in the top right hand corner and then type away.
  • Your contribution will enhance the learning of our community members. Thank you for participating.

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