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Mobile device users

With today's wide range in sizes of devices—such as laptops, tablets, and phones—screen formats may vary. If you experience any difficulty navigating through the wiki content, please speak with an eFacilitator who will be happy to try and help you. If you think another learner may also be able to help, why not speak to them (in English, of course!) and ask for their help. Computer technology is continually changing and so it's difficult for us to cover all scenarios here.


Think about these questions:

  • Do you review what you have learned regularly?
  • Do you practise what you learn as often as possible?
  • Do you use what you know about your own language to help you?
  • Do you try out what you know in real-life situations?
  • Do you try to learn from other people, not only your teacher?
  • Do you experiment with English?
  • Do you take risks using English?

This wiki gives you ideas of how to practise English within your Personal Learning Environment (PLE).

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