July 15 - 21
Here's a quick look at this week's activities, and remember, you can do as much of the activities as you want and in any order. Did you get a study buddy yet? If not, why not?

  • speak to your study partner and brainstorm volunteering positions you want to apply for
  • write a cover letter to apply for a volunteering position
  • run it by your study partner, ask him/her for feedback
  • practise grammar and pronunciation
  • attend a local event; how about Manitoba's Only Pro Rodeo this weekend, July 20-12?
  • write a description or make a podcast/video of an event, or maybe both!
  • share your photos and videos
  • participate in discussions inside your EO account
  • attend the Weekly Language Rendezvous

Weekly Theme
Did you know that volunteering is considered one of the most important Canadian values? It has lots of benefits, not just getting work experience, although this one is extremely important if you are a newcomer.

This week we want to focus on volunteering because summer is a great time to participate. There are many fun jobs around, for example, helping out during Folklorama in Winnipeg at the beginning of August.

This week you will:
  • write a cover letter

  • CLB - W 5-8.III (Getting Things Done)
  • Essential Skills: Writing
Listen, Watch and Read
These resources will help you with this week's language task, which is to write a cover letter to apply for a volunteering job.

Before you start working with the resources below, study the 'Volunteer Scavenger Hunt' presentation. In it, you'll do a quiz and a scavenger hunt. This activity is perfect to practice web searches. It's recommended that you do it before you move to the next resources.

Why not share your quiz results with your study partner? Are your results similar?

Now, watch these videos to get a better understanding of volunteering in Canada. The first is a YouTube video, the second is an interactive presentation (and you'll need to use your mouse to click through it), and the third is also a YouTube video.


Next, practise vocabulary with these awesome tips - click on the blue slide below.

vocabulary practice from marion.jpg

Then, study this presentation on how to write a cover letter.

Now, view the sample below, which you can use as a template for your own cover letter. Next, go to the Grammar section to get help with writing the letter. Finally, after writing your letter, ask your study buddy to proofread it. Ask for suggestions of how to improve it, and consider revising it. When you've done your best, upload it to your e-CLPA as a Language Sample. An e-Facilitator will give you feedback.

Practise Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation
Grammar and Writing

When writing a cover letter, it is important to use linking words to help the information flow nicely. The webpages below will help you practise linking your thoughts.

This week we would like to share some ideas about how you can practise your Canadian English pronunciation.

Engage on the Discussion Board
  1. Log in to your EO account and go to the Discussion Board
  2. Look for the topic called Summer 2013 Week 3 - Do you think volunteering in Manitoba plays a big role in getting the job that you want? Why or why not?
  3. Share your thoughts and opinions about volunteering in the Week 3 thread.

Did you receive comments on your work? Did you encourage others with your comments?
Attend Community Events and Write about Them
  • What's happening in your community this week? Check our calendar for ideas!

Next step:

After you go to an event, complete one of the exercises below:

  • Short: (15 mins) write a description of the event on the Discussion Board at www.myenglishonline.ca
  • Longer: (30 - 60 mins) write a longer description of the event and add it to your Learning Journal

Also, don't forget to comment on other people's accounts of events.

How much should I write?
  • CLB 5: 1 paragraph
  • CLB 6: 1-2 connected paragraphs
  • CLB 7: 2-3 connected paragraphs
  • CLB 8: 3-4 connected paragraphs

For more information about CLB levels, look at http://www.language.ca/documents/CLBPT-Flyer-English-Final.pdf Different CLB levels are described in detail in various languages. The descriptions will help you tailor your writing to match a specific CLB level.

Weekly Language Rendezvous
Everyone needs to practise speaking; the more you do it, the easier it gets!
So, join us at this week's Rendezvous. Here are the details:

Which day? ... Tuesday, July 16
What time? ... 10 am or 8 pm (CDT), or both!
Why? ... to review the content of Week 2
How? ... log in to your EO account, look at Notices, and then follow the instructions

But why? ... because it's fun!